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Hailstones are one of the most dangerous threats when it comes to your roof's condition. The sooner you address hail problems, the better. That's why Southern Roofing is here to help you.

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Our goal is to provide a roofing system that is safe and exceeds your expectations. Our commercial roofers are honest and professional. We prioritize your safety in this business.

Due to the strong impact of hailstones, shingles, and other parts of your roof can suffer severe damage. It can cause water to pool in these affected areas and can result in structural damage.

The professionals at Southern Roofing can help you assess hail damage efficiently. We use a modern measuring tool that scales damaged roofs for accurate measurements. This tool can precisely locate the damage to your property.

No matter how heavy the hailstorm is, we offer an immediate assessment. Our roofing experts will assess your property at no charge. It is always essential to have an inspection before claiming to avoid unnecessary claims if there is not any damage or the damage amount is below your deductible.

During a hailstorm, your commercial roof can be at risk for damage. Below are some of the factors that can cause hail to damage your roof.

1. Roofing materials

The types of materials that are used on the roof react differently from the effects of hail. For example, aluminum roofs are susceptible to dents and dings. In contrast, asphalt roofs can be punctured. 

2. Age of the roof
The amount of hail damage is also based upon how old your roof is and its current condition.

3. Density and Size of the Hail
Hailstones have different sizes. They range from small, minute pea-sized stones to large as a softball. Furthermore, most hailstones have jagged edges that could contribute to damage.

4. Wind
The wind’s speed and direction can also affect the size and density of hailstones. The velocity at which they hit the roof is also a factor.

5. Barriers
Barriers such as trees, awnings, and others can limit the amount of damage to the roof.
After an initial assessment of the hail damage, our roofers will provide you with several options to fix the problem. These options depend on the severity of the impact the hailstones had on your roof.

All our roofers are trained to identify and categorize the level of damage caused by hail to your property. This can help you get an idea of the remaining lifespan of your roof.

In cases of total roofing loss to hail damage, Southern Roofing professionals are trained to assess the full amount of your roofing damages. You can trust us to provide an accurate amount for insurance purposes.

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Hail damage should not be taken lightly. When you need a hail damage assessment, our roofing experts will rush to your location to assess the damage and recommend solutions.

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