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Flat roofs are commonly used in businesses, industrial complexes, and commercial buildings. Southern Roofing is the most trusted Commercial Roofing contractor in Larimer County, Colorado. We cater to all kinds of businesses, apartment buildings, and more.

We proudly offer the following services:
Commercial Roofing
Flat Roof Replacement
Commercial Roof Hail Damage Assessment
Commercial Roof Restoration
Commercial Waterproofing
Metal Retrofit
Commercial Roof Repair

We want to provide a roofing system that will meet your expectations. We have professional and honest roofers. Our top priority is your safety.

Invest in peace of mind through our professional flat roof replacement. When a flat roof is well-built, it can last anywhere between 25 to 30 years. When your old flat roof is nearing the ends of its lifespan, call Southern Roofing.

You can benefit from the experience of our professional commercial roofers. Our premium flat roof replacement can stand up to harsh Colorado weather.

At Southern Roofing, we offer complete flat roof replacement using the best and high-quality materials. Our replacement services include:

Removal of old structural decking
New or repair of structural decking
New layer installation
Custom metal aluminum and sheet metal work
Custom work to accommodate mechanical and HVAC equipment

There are several reasons to choose flat roofing. It offers excellent interior and exterior design opportunities while also being affordable and practical.

If you are considering flat roofing in Colorado, below are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to flat roofing. You can use the space however you want. You can even create an outdoor area.

The materials used for flat roofing are generally cheaper than traditional roofs. That being said, it’s not at the sacrifice of the quality of materials.

Flat roofing is cost-effective because it needs fewer materials. It is also easy to maintain and lasts long.

Aesthetic Purposes
Flat roofs are nice to look at. They are sleek and provide a touch of modern aesthetics that many people like. Flat roofs are unique and give your property a nice-looking roof.

Southern Roofing stands behind the quality of the work we do. That’s why we offer a comprehensive warranty program on all our roofs.

Replacing the flat roof of your property is a major undertaking. That’s why it’s essential to choose only the best roofing experts.

Southern Roofing understands the complexities of commercial flat roof replacement. We have been installing commercial flat roofs for over a decade. Our team will ensure that your flat roof replacement is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Whether your roof is damaged due to weather-related issues or many years of wear and tear, we can handle your flat roof replacement. We always work with superior knowledge, professional integrity, and utmost care.

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