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Steel structures that need a new roofing solution have a limited number of choices. A Metal Retrofit system is a more cost-effective alternative to replacing all the metal panels on an existing building's roof. If you need a professional metal retrofitting company in Larimer County, Colorado, Southern Roofing can help you.

We offer a wide range of Commercial Roofing services, including:
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Our team consists of professional roofing experts with the right experience and skillset. We have the proper tools and equipment for all our services.

For most commercial buildings, insulation is custom cut to fit within the existing corrugated steel roof panels. This insulation adds to the energy efficiency of the building.

Steel roofs have become the best choice when it comes to steep slope roofing systems for many commercial facilities. There are two types of categories of metal roofs- exposed and concealed fastener systems. Either of these systems can be candidates for retrofit.

Southern Roofing provides high-quality metal retrofit services for all commercial properties in Larimer County, Colorado. We only use the best products in the market to make sure that we meet our customers’ satisfaction.

Here are some excellent benefits of investing in metal retrofitting.

Improves Building Energy Efficiency

When you retrofit with a new insulated metal roofing system, it is an excellent solution to high energy consumption and associated costs in a building. Retrofit systems can be designed to work over existing roofs or even older flat roofs. 

This system adds insulation between the old and new roof, reducing heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. The metal roofing can also be finished to reflect the heat of the sun away to achieve a higher solar reflection index. As a result, it reduces cooling costs.

Provides Greater Sustainability

Besides energy efficiency, metal roofing systems can be made from recycled steel and then be re-used or recycled at the end of their life. This can help in reducing the amount of material headed to landfills and can contribute to a greener environment. 

Improves the Overall Aesthetics

Sloped metal roofs can be used as an excellent design feature on many low rise and mid-rise buildings. The range of colors and textures provides design professionals with a full palette of options.

Increases Property Value

Curb appeal and long-term performance play an important role when a property is being assessed for value. A retrofit metal roofing system can help in this scenario.

Southern Roofing specializes in installing quality and affordable metal retrofit roofs for all commercial properties in Larimer County, Colorado. Metal retrofit roofs are easy to install since they fit over the existing substrate.

We offer a wide variety of colors for our metal retrofit roofs. Our roofs are low-maintenance, thus saving money in the long run. They are also energy-efficient to help you lower down your utility costs.

When you need a metal retrofit roof service, choose Southern Roofing. Call us now at (970) 646-1184 for a free, personalized consultation. We proudly serve all commercial properties in Larimer County, Colorado.

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